What’s working, what’s not? Art-versing the climate challenge!

What's working, what's not? Art-versing the climate challenge!

Zahra Mirza

In this arts based workshop, we will create an experimental space for positive future imaginations. We will question existent methods of framing and articulation of problems and envision probabilities of unexplored solutions by creating a future newspaper. We (may) travel in time in a non-linear manner as we allow ourselves to follow the irrational and seemingly senseless. We let our creative energies lead us through the possibilities we dive into and collectively design.

Zahra is an interdisciplinary artist and art educator from Pakistan currently based in Vienna. She believes in the power of thinking and working collectively as a basis for anything to work out. She finds workshop settings and collaborative initiatives to be the most potent realms for constructive engagement. She is trying to draw attention to climate change as a collective crisis in need of global collaborative efforts rather than a local issue. These days, she does so most prominently in her artistic research initiative „It’s Time To Give A Fuck.“
Mi 11:46 - 00:00