There will be….program! What you’ll miss if you don’t come:

  • tons of workshops, and good ones. We had 45 last year, can we top that? Yes we sure can. The topics will range from climate science and the effects of climate change in Austria to a formal debate, DIY, kickstarting your own project and game sessions as tools for action. Also included: you can simulate climate negotiations (both beginners’ and advanced level)
  • 2 interactive and participative panels on top-relevant questions. More soon!
  • A storytelling session to share your stories, an art room and preparation of a creative output
  • Opportunities to learn from each other and share that go beyond conversations during “coffee breaks”. How? Getting to know each at the start, a reflection space on Saturday, a world cafe, spaces to write down your inputs & ideas
  • an evening program. There will be an open pic and a poetry slam! And get ready for jam sessions 😉
  • A self-organized space for participants

We expect to publish the program in September and will publish updates on program-highlights before on this page. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by mail at any time at with your sparkling ideas or probing questions. You want to contribute to the program? Please just write to above address. We are looking for workshops in English! Our main langauge remains German but we want to make this conference as diverse as possible and provide at least one English workshop in every slot! If you can please answer the following questions, so that we can have an insight into what you’re planning: What is the topic of your workshop/input? What is the goal for what participants should take from it? Why does it fit so well to the LCOY Austria. Also, we’d love to have some lines about yourself. The earlier the better 🙂 Confused? Then just send us a mail and forget the above!

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Check the page LCOY Austria for some highlights from last year’s program!