CliMates is an international youth-led NGO focussing on climate action. It works on youth empowerment, awareness, advocacy and research, and defines itself as a “think-and-do-tank”. Through CliMates, students and young professionals who share a collective vision work together to take on the climate challenge. The goals are to develop and promote innovative ideas and tools, empower and train to become change-makers as well as lobbying to influence decision makers. The CliMates NGO is based in Paris and has a broad international network with four local branches in Mali, Nepal, Indonesia and Austria.

CliMates Austria

The Austrian branch of CliMates was founded only recently in 2018, and is already very active. In June, it hosted in Vienna the 4th CliMates International Summit, where the community gathered for an intensive week of workshops, panel discussions and networking. At present, it is coordinating different projects working in collaboration with other climate-active organisations, schools as well as the Austrian government in the fields of education, advocacy and empowerment. One major project is “” (climate reporters), offering youth the opportunity to acquire media skills and report about UN-climate conferences, similar events and sustainability topics.