How we can change systems: introduction to systems thinking - in english

Okan McAllister

How do we create lasting impact while addressing complex problems? The journey we take while working towards this goal can be confusing, difficult and discouraging. What do we do? How do we identify dynamics that have the greatest potential for impact? 

This workshop aims to introduce change makers to think in terms of systems and find leverage points, rather than address symptoms of complex problems, in order to gain clarity in complex environments. The processes learned in this workshop applies to any complex societal challenge, including but not limited to climate change.

Participants will learn:

  • How to identify different types of problems and what complex problems are
  • How to navigate through complex problems
  • What systems actually are, and why we should care
  • What systems thinking is and how it can help us navigate complex problems like climate change
  • The myths and misconceptions of systems change

Afterwards, the stage is yours. The participants will create a small systems dynamic map in groups, which will give you an idea about how we attempt to change systems by finding and addressing leverage points.

The workshop is designed for people who have no experience or knowledge in systems thinking.

The workshop will probably take 3 hours.

Sa 14:16 - 00:00