Because we have a problem, no –  several ones. International and Austrian climate politics are not acting fast enough to address the climate crisis. Many young people lack a sense of community of support, are discouraged about the future and don’t get to know organisations and best-practices. We need an LCOY to connect young people for change as well as build up pressure and a momentum for (Austrian) political leaders to act.

All interested youth in Austria between 15 and 30 years.

Our motto and goal is: Connecting youth for climate action. We give youth between 15 and 30 the space to learn and connect together, to tackle the climate crisis beyond the conference itself. More about it at About LCOY Austria.


Of many, many workshops and additionally discussion rounds, 2 panels, an output session, sufficient room for exchange and conversations as well as an evening program, that you won’t forget. More under program (details will be published regularly on the German Programm site).


From September 8th! Registrations will be in German.

The main language is German, so all the plenary sessions with the whole participants’ group will be held in German. We’re taking care to offer at least one English workshop in every workshop slot. If you understand German but don’t speak it well and are confused: do just drop us a line at! We decided to keep most of the conference in German like last year since the main aim is to connect Austrian youth and we also can’t expect all participants to be equally fluent in English.


To be precise 2.5 days, with a progressive but at the same time varied program. Start on 8.11 (Fridays, at 3 p.m., open doors at 2 p.m.), end on 10.11 at around 6 p.m.


In Vienna, that’s for sure! We will announce the exact venue soon.

We don’t require any previous knowledge. So don’t be afraid, just sign up! Use this opportunity to actively participate in debates, to communicate your concerns and learn from other people. Still, some workshops will be more advanced, but this will be made clear in advance on the program.

The LCOY Austria, just as all other LCOYs taking place around the world this year, take place in the run-up to the UN-climate conference (COP25) and inernational Conference of Youth (COP15). One of its aims is to prepare an output towards the global conferences and discuss the topic in its sessions. At the same time, the LCOY Austria is much more and connects young people on climate action in Austria. For empowerment, political action and a community together. Find all the info at What’s an LCOY.

Sure! Please remember that most of the conference will be in German.

Unfortunately not. We will ask at registration whether you need an accomodation in Vienna and will do our best to find one through our network. If you have questions please contact us through

We will refund the travel expenses of workshop holders and others contributing to the program.  We are still looking for possibilities to make train tickets cheaper for participants. A refund for all participants won’t be possible unfortunately. If you are for exampling planning on coming from Innsbruck and can’t afford then please get in touch at In these cases we will find a solution for sure.

Please bring your motivation and your interest with you! Also helpful: paper and a pen, your refillable water bottle/canteen (trash is for tossers!) and comfortable clothes. The conference will take several hours a day and in this way you can concentrate on the themes of the day and the people present, there is no dress code!

Spots are generally reserved for people resident in Austria, since it’s the youth climate conference for Austria. However, if you’re really interested in taking part contact us at There will be several LCOYs going on in Europe and beyond this year, including the LCOY Germany on October 4-6th! We will be happy to connect you.

Yes. However, the conference is planned over the duration of 3 days. So it makes sense for you to attend all 3 days.

Til the first registration deadline on October 20th simply following the first-come-first-served principle! We recommend signing up right from Sept 8th! After October 20th we reserve the right to distribute the remaining free spots as well as waiting list spots fairly. To guarantee a diverse group of participants we have created groups (school pupils, third-level education students and others), between which the spots are distributed before the first registration deadline. The registration link will be available on the homepage/landing site!


For sure. We will keep the varied workshop-program, this time more strongly mixed in its topics over the course of the two workshop days (Saturday and Sunday). What we added this year: more decision makers, with whom you can discuss. And a new format on the opening day. Room for creative expression including a creative output. An evening program – even more fun and raising your voice! We encourage young people with no previous background on the topics to come, so please spread the word with your friends and colleagues!


Those who joined last year know it. To all the others: come to the LCOY Austria 2019 – you will see (and feel, hear, sing, laugh, talk).


The production of meat is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions and thus leads to a least sustainable way of living. The oceans are overfished and even fish from freshwater and/or aquaculture are not sustainable in big quantities. A vegetarian or vegan diet also tastes well, is healthy and reduced the environmental footprint of the conference. Even if you usually eat meat. Try without for 3 days.