The LCOY Austria is being organized by a team in the youth-led NGO CliMates Austria – for the second time already!

CliMates – empowering the climate generation

CliMates is an international volunteer-run, youth-led NGO focusing on climate action. It works on youth empowerment, awareness, advocacy and research, and defines itself as a “think-and-do-tank”. Through CliMates, students and young professionals who share a collective vision work together to take on the climate challenge. The goals are to develop and promote innovative ideas and tools, empower and train to become change-makers as well as lobbying to influence decision makers. The CliMates NGO is based in Paris and has a broad international network with four local branches in Mali, Nepal, Indonesia and Austria.

At the CliMates International Summit in Vienna, June 2018

Members are called Mates, and that’s what they are! We understand ourselves as a sparkling community.

CliMates Austria

The Austrian branch of CliMates was founded only recently in 2018, and is already very active. In June 2018, it hosted the 4th CliMates International Summit in Vienna, where the community gathered for an intensive week of workshops, panel discussions and networking. At present, it is coordinating different projects working in collaboration with other climate-active organisations, schools as well as the Austrian government in the fields of education, advocacy and empowerment. One major project is “” (climate reporters), offering youth the opportunity to acquire media skills and report about UN-climate conferences, similar events and sustainability topics. Others are the youth delegate program and Clim’school simulating climate negotiations in schools.

More than 15 CliMates Austria Mates are organizing the LCOY Austria 2019!

Katja Hummer
Finance Team Lead/Logistics Team
Since forever, I have enjoyed spending time in nature and was curious about everything I saw. Now I study Environmental Science and I grow to be even more curious, especially about natural processes. Whenever I am not in Vienna you'll probably find me hiking up a mountain or teaching children how to ski. I am organizing the LCOY for the second time, because there is so much potential and inspiration in young people. My goal is to connect them, show them that they are not alone and motivate and empower them to act.
Nick Sinner
Content Team Lead
As a physics student, I know how important scientific findings are. Therefore, I find it incomprehensible that the warnings of climate scientists have been largely ignored up to now. I decided to be part of the LCOY team in order to communicate the urgency of our situation to the youth and to offer possibilities for them to get involved. If I am not fighting the climate crisis, you find me sipping a glass of wine in one of Vienna’s many cafés.
Anna Peer
Coordination team
I studied to become a journalist, but then I experienced the working conditions for journalists; Next, I studied to become a scientist, but then I saw how scientists are being exploited; now I've dedicated my life to investigating how we can fix the living conditions of humans and all beings. When I'm not on the streets protesting or organizing a conference, you might find me running around a forest and smelling every single flower that I find.
Sophie Zwins
Coordination Team

My name is Sophie and I study Environment and Bio-Resources Management. I would probably call myself a very open and funny person. I'm always up for a good joke. When I'm not organizing the LCOY, I love playing the drums. I am not doing it for a long time and I’m not very good at it either. I’m organizing the LCOY 2019 because I think it’s important to create a space where people can network and communicate. 

Adriana Bascone
Communication Team Lead/Content Team

I'm co-organizing the LCOY Austria for the second time already because I'm convinced that we need an Austrian youth climate conference. I studied Environment and Bio-Resources Management, am active in several climate projects from (climate reporters) to a youth camp and am now looking out into the world for new. Usually, I refer to myself as a passionate Viennese, proud of being from a different place. Fun-fact: I love to do loads of art, film-write-photograph-dance-sing and speak 5+ languages.

Daniel Gratzer
Coordination team

I feel that only in benefiting others and the world will I find a meaningful direction in life. Beside my study-plans in the fields of human and social sciences (and my first subject Tibetology) it was last years LCOY that opened up to me so much potential and opportunities in this regard - an opportunity which I now want to carry on. Outside university and the conference we might meet at climate protests or in nature. And sometimes you might find me drawing, writing (or dancing!).

Hanna Pernter
Content Team

I have always been interested and committed to the environment, thats why I joined the LCOY organizing team, because I can contribute to spread information, what I believe in and share that with others. Fact about me: I've been vegan for two years and am committed to advocate the message of veganism.

Lena Rauter
Finance Team

Ever since I was little, I've been wondering how the world would look like if the story had taken a different course. I am in the LCOY Team that I can positively influence the future so that my children can experience the earth the way I do. Funfact about me: If you do not hear me talk, I am probably sleeping or singing.

Kristina Smieskova
Content Team
I am a very optimistic, open and active student of Environment and Bioresources Management at BOKU, who loves to dance! I have been engaging a lot already in various areas, such as but not limited to: Environment, Politics, Science and Youth- and Kids-engagement. I love to see people fulfilling and using their full potential, and even more love to help them to do so. Just a couple of random facts about me: I love dancing and poetry slams and I speak approximately 6 languages - so do not hesitate to talk to me and find out which!
Benjamin Schemel
Logistics Team
My name is Benjamin and I study socio-economics at the Vienna University of Business and Economics.
I am co-organizing LCOY because I think it is enormously important to recognise the urgency of the climate crisis and to inspire sustainable thinking among the young generation. Fun fact about me: I hate burning my toes in sand that’s too hot to walk on. 
Nina Kettner
Content Team

My name is Nina and I study Environment and Bio-Resources Management at BOKU. Even before I started my studies, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world. So, why am I part of this year's organization team? I was a participant in the LCOY 2018 and I would like to pass on the experience that I made there and simply introduce people to the topic environment. A fun fact about me: I love Balkan music, the Balkan cuisine and the languages, which is why people often assume that I come from a Balkan state.

Sofia Hildenbrand
Logistics Team Lead

I study landscape planning and landscape architecture at the BOKU in Vienna. I co-organize the LCOY to do something for our environment and our climate together with young, motivated people.I like photography, love the city life and am at heart a village kid.I could philosophize for nights or just dance through them.

Katharina Doppelbauer
Communication Team, Facebook

I'm studying to become a teacher of German as well as psychology and philosophy. I find it very important to exchange openly with others and never stop leraning. That's the reason why I'm participating in projects by CliMates Austria when I'm now this one annoying person correcting other people's grammar or making music. 


Magdalena Doppelbauer
Communication Team, Facebook

My name is Magdalena Doppelbauer and I'm currently studying to become an English and Spanish teacher. Seeing as I'm of the opinion that positive change starts with the younger generation, I want to encourage them to find their voice through my work with LCOY and CliMates Austria. My sister and I are responsible for this year's LCOY's Facebook page. Fun fact: people always take me for younger than I actually am, I love blue cheese and its scent, and I am a crazy cat lady. 

Andreas Bascone
Social Media/Content

My name is Andreas and I am from Italy and I'm 17 years old. I am co-organizong the LCOY because I want to be part of the change that we need to save our planet and I believe that the LCOY can have a really good impact, which is why I want to help as best as I can in making it happen.
I'm also really into music. 


What motivates us

The LCOY 2018 has given me so much – connection, learning, community, empowerment – and I want to pass on all of that to you at this year’s conference.

Anna Peer

I decided to be part of the LCOY- organizing team to give young people, who might have even the smallest idea or the slightest spark of the will to engage, the opportunities and a supporting community to do so.

Kristina Smieskova

Kristina Smieskova

We all have so great a potential for good that often is kindled in contact with each other, so much inspiration, so many opportunities to act for the betterment of the world that can be opened up by an event like the LCOY – and so it is just as inspiring to contribute to it.

Daniel Gratzer

Daniel Gratzer

I’m organizing the LCOY 2019 because I think it’s important to create a space where people can network and communicate. For me it is very helpful to know that I’m not alone. We are all not alone to fight against the climate crisis. I would like to share this feeling with the participants of the LCOY 2019.

Sophie Zwins

Sophie Zwins