Sara Vaca

Sara – originally from Ecuador, has been active in the environmental area for more than 10 years, former member of Yasunidos, environmental movement which is fighting to protect the Amazon and Yasuni National Park in Ecuador, based in the premise of respect for nature and sacred and ancient territories of indigenous communities.  In 2016 her journey led her to Austria where she have had the opportunity to participate in different projects in human rights, diversity and environmental protection, in her path she became part of Generation Earth and multiple other initiatives. Together Valentin Riermeier, Sara and three other youth from Generation Earth developed and implemented a 10-day training programme fpr youth workers called „Crossing paths- driving change“ on project management, leadership, sustainable living and inclusion. Now they are working together in various ways, as friends and collegues, also attending the training „Climate beyond Individual Action!“.

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Workshop contributor (with Valentin Riermeier):

Beyond individual action – pushing for climate justice
Saturday, 9.11. 9:30-12:30

How can we get even more (young) people to act in the face of the climate emergency? And how can we take our struggle for climate justice to the next level?
With this in mind we attended a training with people from all over Europe called „Climate beyond Individual Action!“.
And now – back in Austria we want to share our learnings and the skills we gained with all of you. Methods, tools and new insights, from different places in Europe, all serving one purpose: pushing for climate justice!