Enrico dal Farra

Advisor Environment and Climate Action, Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Nature lover, passionate outdoor sportsman and former environmental activist, Enrico holds a MSc degree in Environmental Engineering and specialized in geo-resources. He gained several years of professional experience in the design and planning of renewable energy infrastructure in the private sector as well as in project management, risk assessment and on-site implementation of large infrastructural and renewable energy projects. Enrico worked for a sustainable reconstruction project in Nepal after the major earthquakes of 2015, and joined the Environment and Climate Action Unit of the Austrian Development Agency at its HQ in Vienna in 2018.  

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Workshop contributor:

#Development4Future: how the Austrian Development Cooperation tackles Climate Change
Saturday, 9.11. 13:30-15:30

The workshop will look at the multifaceted topic of Climate Change within the international Development Cooperation context. Climate change and its unparalleled negative impacts are increasingly affecting our planet. The workshop will allow us to look particularly at the current situation in developing and transition countries. Participants will gain insights on the challenges that climate change poses to development work by studying specific examples and case studies, drawing on the experience of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). Here, a comprehensive link to the Agenda 2030 and efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals will always remain at the focus of attention. Our discussions will also revolve around the array of approaches and measures that can be adopted within the scope of programming and projects in order to not only minimize the risks and negative impacts that derive from climate change, but also to look at the opportunities that positively contribute towards low-carbon development pathways.