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Got a question? Check the frequently asked questions below! If you can’t find what you’re looking for: check the rest of our website and our contact section to shoot us a message! 🙂

Why an LCOY Austria?
Because we have a problem, no –  several ones. International and Austrian climate politics are not acting fast enough to address the climate crisis. Many young people lack a sense of community of support, are discouraged about the future and don’t get to know organisations and best-practices. We need an LCOY to connect young people for change as well as build up pressure/a momentum for (Austrian) political leaders to act.

Who is this conference for?
All interested youth in Austria between 15 and 30 years.

What is the language of the conference?
The main language is German, so all the plenary sessions with the whole participants’ group will be held in German. We’re taking care to offer at least one English workshop in every workshop slot. If you understand German but don’t speak it well and are confused: do just drop us a line at participants-lcoy@climatesaustria.org! We decided to keep most of the conference in German like last year since the main aim is to connect Austrian youth and we also can’t expect all participants to be equally fluent in English.

I don’t think I know enough about climate change, may I participate?
We don’t require any previous knowledge. So don’t be afraid, just sign up! Use this opportunity to actively participate in debates, to communicate your concerns and learn from other people. Still, some workshops will be more advanced, but this will be made clear in advance on the program.

I saw you had an LCOY Austria 2018, or participated myself. How is this year going to be different?

I don’t speak German, can I participate?
See above question. If you don’t understand much German either and  we have enough free spots we will be very glad to see you at the English workshops without you having to participate in the whole event. We expect to be able to tell whether this will be possible by middle/end of October.

I’m not Austrian but live in Austria, can I participate?

I don’t live in Austria, can I participate?
Spots are generally reserved for people resident in Austria, since it’s the youth climate conference for Austria. However, if you’re really interested in talking part contact us at participants-lcoy@climatesaustria.org. There will be several LCOYs going on in Europe and beyond this year, including the LCOY Germany on October 4-6th! We will be happy to connect you.

May I participate on only one or two days?
Yes. Since we want to encourage a full participation from Friday to Sunday we reserve the right to prioritize registrations for all three days in case of a high interest.

Should I bring something to the conference?
Please bring your motivation and your interest with you! Also helpful: paper and a pen, your refillable water bottle/canteen (trash is for tossers!) and comfortable clothes. The conference will take several hours a day and in this way you can concentrate on the themes of the day and the people present, there is no dress code!

Til when do I need to register?
Oct 20th is the first deadline for registrations. There will be a second round of last-minute registrations from then til Nov 5th. We recommend you sign up early to secure your spot! Registrations open on Sept 8th. For more, check our registration policy.

Do you provide accomodation?
No, we will ask in the registration if an accommodation is needed and will do our best to find one for you through our network, but we cannot ensure one.

Are you affiliated with any political party or organisation?
No. We are independant.

I have a cool climate related project myself – can I present it?
Sounds great! Please drop us a line at program-lcoy@climatesaustria.org and answer these questions: who is behind the project and where? what is the aim of the project? In what moment could you imagine it to be part of an LCOY. If you want, please include any links 🙂 We would love to do a slot in which projects just present themselves, in case of too few contributions we will think of a different format.