The LCOY will take place mainly at the Technical University of Vienna, located on the ring by Karlsplatz. There will be panel discussions in a big lecture hall as well as smaller interactive workshops taking place in seminar rooms. As Vienna offers a super public transport service as well as a cheap city bike service, we highly encourage participants to make use of it. We strive to be a sustainably organised event and to have the lightest carbon footprint possible! We will also take care to produce as little garbage as possible as well as to recycle what we do have. We offer a sustainable catering and we will appreciate your effort to keep this conference clean and its effects on climate as small as possible.

The opening of the LCOY will take place in the Stadtkino on Friday morning, then we will move to the Technical University of Vienna for the next three days! Both of the Venues are near Karlsplatz and very easy to reach by public transport!
You will find us:

Friday between 9:00 and 12:00 in the Stadtkino

The registration table will be right at the entrance, you can´t miss us!

Akademiestraße 13
1010 Wien

From 12:00 on Friday till Sunday 16:00 we will be at the Technical University of Vienna in the Freihaus Building werden wir auf der TU Wien

(it isn´t the easiest venue to understand but we´ll do our best to be very clear of where everything is!)

The registration at the TU Wien will be on the ground floor also near the entrance. If you arrive outside a registration slot and no one is there, please come to the Pause-Room where there will always be someone to welcome you! This room is our common room, the core of the conference and meeting point. To find it: formally a Study room (old Mensa), red block, first floor (Entrance and straight stairs up!)

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10
1040, Wien

We thank the Fachschaft Physik for providing us with rooms!

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